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FireTonic Kiosk UI (Alpha)

Client: Razor Technology, Inc.
Exposure: Prototype
Period: 2006

In 2005, Razor Technology decided to take their company into a different direction and invested into the development of mobile-related applications. The FireTonic project was catered for this purpose, as a portal to deliver mobile media to mobile consumers. This particular project was their first stage into such a market. The team comprised of two marketing mentors, a business analyst, three software engineers, a musician and a graphic designer.

By June 2006, a working prototype was installed at the Dairy Queen on Denman Street, Vancouver, B.C. This utilized a touch-screen monitor that was installed inside an empty arcade machine with the various mobile ports hooked up to a PC machine. This was to test whether customers going into Dairy Queen would be attracted by such a concept. Since this concept has already been proven to work in Asia and Europe, it was a matter of time that this technology would make it into the North American market.

Unfortunately, later that same year, the project was abandoned and Razor Technology steered more into mobile marketing than mobile-related application development.