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Fleet Street Outdoor Rate-card Package

Client: Jim Pattison Trade Group
Exposure: Ten of thousands; Canada
Period: 2002+

Carolyn Stern had referred me to Mr. Robert Hunt to do their rate card package design. This project involved photographic coordination between myself and the photographer, in which the vans and trucks had to be driven to their various destinations while the photographer took pictures of them inside an adjacent vehicle.

Many of the different elements in the photographs had to be super-imposed like the street sign on the corner of the Gastown street with the Fleet Street Outdoor sign, the various coloured ads that would normally not be on the trucks and vans themselves, the man walking and turning his head towards the coloured ad on the side of the truck and some extra pedestrians in the background.

The entire rate card package consisted of the clamshell folder that held the contents, with a business card slot; eleven standalone pages that detailed their prices and durations, and a coiled-bound booklet with various charts and maps. As you probably can see, the emphasize was how the ads were presented to the public. The theme as I had laid out to Mr. Robert Hunt was to use cooler background colours with bold placements that stood out from the rest.