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Client: Olivon Manufacturing Group, Ltd.
Exposure: About a quarter of a million; North America, Europe, Asia, Australia

The latest generation Olivon web site, taking in a mix of visual appeal and usability.

All the product images were taken with a Canon SLR and edited with Photoshop CS4.  The site was built with Wordpress.  The background images of scenery were taken from a royalty free stock photography site.  The Flash animation on the home page was created by another designer at Olivon's European branch. 

Since individual product entry is not Wordpress' strong point, all of the products were first created in Dreamweaver, then the source code exported over to the Wordpress editor. 

This site is a good example of making do with what I know with what was required of me.  Normally, a programmer would create a system in which each product can be entered separately.  For me, I created an HTML template for all the products, then entered the data accordingly.  Fortunately, instead of manually creating each page separately, Wordpress has the ability to generate pages when I submit the data.