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Razor Technology web site

Client: Razor Technology, Inc.
Exposure: About a quarter of a million; Europe, North America
Period: 2003 to 2009

Razor Technology contracted me in late 2003 to revamp their existing web site.  Since we had agreed to merge our services and portfolios, the majority of their portfolio items were taken from my original site. Razor's site was branded version 2, but the documented version was 1.3.1.

Version 2 (1.3.1) was created completely in Flash 7. The 3D image of the train was created by Carlo Cassimiro with Alias Wavefront Maya, whom had worked with me as a 3D modeler and animator back at my own studio at Loud Productions Inc.. All the other images were renderings of my own 3D creations used in artwork I sold as large-format framed prints.

As time moved on, Razor decided to move into developing in-house products including solutions extending into mobile technologies.  Thus Version 3 was created. The web site was created using HTML and Javascripts.

Later, when Razor Technology decided to focus on the FireTonic™ product, version 4.0 was built.  The web site was created using PHP HTML and Javascript.

When Razor Technology started to take notice from various big names around North America, I was charged with the task of creating a stylish corporate web site, thus version 5.0 was born.  It was created using PHP HTML and CSS.  Except clientel images, the photos were taken from a royalty free site and edited to suit our needs.

Working Samples: