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The Blue Monkey Baby Emporium web site

Client: The Blue Monkey Baby Emporium
Exposure: Hundreds of thousands, North America
Period: 2005 to 2008

The three sisters of The Blue Monkey Baby Emporium first asked me to create a logo, then asked me to design and create a web site that reflected their tropical origins and version 2 was born. It replaced a web site that a husband of one of the sister’s had created with Frontpage. After about a year and a half, they wanted a fresh new contemporary look and feel and version 3 replaced the existing one.

Version 3 took on a completely different feel than the previous version. Also, unlike the previous version, version 3 was hooked up to a content management system in which the administrator can easily add, modify and delete content that was shown on the web site. This included products, the product photos, details and prices. This also included general information for each page like the About Us and Contact.

The content management system was designed in a way that it was easy to navigate with the least amount of clicks to get to where they needed. Large graphical icons depicted each administrative page followed by easy-to-read editing tools.